Talking about search engine optimization (SEO) can seem dull, especially as it is a subject that is so important and therefore needs to be visited so often. However, for the right personality offering SEO services is never dull, but an entertaining and constantly fulfilling challenge. When you have a provider who charges into the job with gusto, the content is always going to be better. The results will always be better. This is where our staff at WriterMike.com comes in as the missing piece to your website’s SEM puzzle.

Your Midwest SEO Team Writing Option
Our team is based out of the Chicago, this Windy City native brings over a decade of experience to the table when it comes to optimized online writing that engages the reader, encourages an affirmative action, and is setup in a way to promote higher rankings in Google and other search engines through proper optimization. Our staff loves the challenge of crafting new content no matter what your product, business, or focus, and we bring that energy into online copy that shines.

Making SEO Fun
We enjoy working with bloggers, business owners, and website managers. We like to have fun and carry a positive energy with our work. No question working with our team is fun, allowing people to relax, hone in on their task, and come together as a team knowing the content we produce will never disappoint.

More than ever Google not only looks at good technical writing, but it is looking for articles that are just dubbed as being “good” or better than the competition. As their systems become better and better at judging the intrinsic quality of the writing itself, you will need writers like us who know how to write a great entertaining article to get you past the competition to those page one spots you deserve!