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Today we are featuring Author Lynn Parsons' book 
(dis)Abilities and the Gospel

First a little about the author:

Lynn Parsons became a teacher because of her experiences helping two of her children with special needs. She has taught special education children at both the elementary and secondary levels. Lynn’s instructional methods have been published by the Council for Exceptional Children and featured in several professional online magazines. Her love of education has extended to seven years teaching daily Seminary. She continues to look for innovative teaching methods that can reach all learners. Lynn now works as an Educational Diagnostician, evaluating children with disabilities. She is an advocate for them and their families through her website at and her blog at Lynn has a Ph.D. in Exceptional Student, and is head of the Faith Committee of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Needs Council for her county. She also enjoys reading, writing, and needlework.

Links to social media sites for the author
Facebook page:
Twitter: @parsonslynn
Web sites:

Now for her book:
"(dis)Abilities and the Gospel: 
How to Bring People with Special Needs Closer to Christ"

Each day, parents and church leaders struggle to teach individuals with special needs. Using helpful information, real-life stories, and a touch of humor, "(dis)Abilities and the Gospel" provides ways for you to effectively teach people of all ages with autism, Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and other disabilities. 

Tour schedule:
Featuring Both books:
Plain and Simple Truths & (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 10

Featuring: Plain and Simple Truths
March 11

Featuring: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 12

Featuring: Plain and Simple Truths
March 13

Featuring: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 14

Featuring: Plain and Simple Truths
March 15

Featuring: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 16

Featuring Both books:
Plain and Simple Truths & (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 17

Featuring: Plain and Simple Truths
March 18

Featuring: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 19

Featuring: Plain and Simple Truths
March 20

Featuring: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 21

Featuring: Plain and Simple Truths
March 22

Featuring: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
March 23
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Hello, readers!

In a hope to have more control over my website, I'm transitioning over to a WordPress based site. Right now, you can find the work in progress at, but I will eventually move the name "" over to that site.

I will leave this site up as a "legacy" site to preserve all of the content and it will eventually revert to

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!


If you purchase “Paladin: Pawn” and send a screenshot or confirmation email to me before midnight on January 19th, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a free, signed copy of one of my other books.

Send proof of purchase to:

Purchase here on and

Just in time for the holiday season, I'm releasing the first in a middle-grade adventure series called "Paladin Pawn". It will be the first in a five-book series called "Chess Quest", with the second book due out in March 2015.

Here's a little bit about it:

When nerdy 7th grader Rich Witz unwittingly becomes a Paladin, a white knight, in training, he is thrust into a world where flunking a test can change the course of history and a mysterious bully is playing for keeps with his life. 

Rich’s grandmother leaves him with one thing before disappearing for good: a white chess pawn with his initials engraved on it. The pawn marks him as the next in an ancient line of white knights. He must prove himself in a life or death contest against his Nemesis, a dark knight in training, all while dealing with math homework and English projects.  With the ghost of an ancestor for his guide, he has seven days to complete four tasks of valor before his Nemesis does, or join his guide in the realm of the dead. 

As Rich rushes to complete the tasks, he realizes the chilling truth: his Nemesis is masquerading as someone at school and will stop at nothing to make him fail. As the tasks grow ever harder, the other knights reveal to him that his failure will break a centuries-old chain and bring the Paladin order to ruin. If he fails, the dark knights win the right to control the fate of the world, a world without hope or the possibility of a new dawn.  So this is one exam Rich has to ace, with no curve and no extra credit.

You can purchase the book here:

Virtual Book Launch Party: 

On Saturday, December 6th, we are holding a virtual book launch party. Get all the details here: 

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