One of the biggest investments you’ll make in your bedroom is a brand new mattress. In fact, visit pretty much any online store, and you’ll see that if you want quality, you will have to open up your wallet. Having said that, every smart shopper also knows that regardless of what the online price is, you should never pay the full asking price for anything!

Here are some Mike’s top discount tips:

Always Wait For A Sale

Usually, the holidays are a good time to save money on big items such as mattresses. In fact, many stores online do a big blowout sale once a year. Before you sense that a sale is coming up, research the type of mattresses that you’re interested in so that all you have to do is buy when the time comes.

**Many sources suggest that though you can save big buying online, you can search for Loom and Leaf coupon code before and make sure to always test out the model of mattress you want in a local furniture store.

Consider The Size

We all know that the bigger the mattress, the more it costs. Do you need a king sized bed, or can you function sleeping on a queen instead? If you live alone, all the more reason to downsize to a full or twin. The point being made is that smaller mattresses, even if they’re fancy, will cost significantly less than their larger counterparts.

Overlook The Fancy

When reading descriptions online of mattresses, you’ll probably be drawn in by words such as luxurious or plush. The fact remains that since most people buy mattress toppers and fancy sheet sets, having a pillowtop or fancy fabric mattress covering is an unnecessary expense. The fancier a mattress looks, the more money you can spend on the design itself. Try to keep a clear view of what you actually will use in mind!

Try Off Brand Names

We all know that there are many luxury mattress brands such as Sleep Number and Vera Wang, but you need a comfortable and serviceable mattress that will stand up to daily use and will remain comfortable. There are many discount brands that are just as good, if not better, than brand names and fancy designer mattresses that are flaunted in front of you.

Check For Freebies

Most mattress and furniture retailers online offer freebie deals on their websites on a regular basis. For example, many offer free shipping based on the total cost of the product or will include a percentage off if you sign up for their newsletters. These are money saving tactics that not only work but will add up in the long haul.

It’s always a good idea to save money no matter what you buy. Mattresses are notoriously expensive, and they can become a nightmare purchase if you didn’t research before buying one. The above tips are by no means foolproof, but they have worked for many people buying a mattress online. Bear in mind, to save you may need to make compromises, are you ready to do so?


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