Do you want to develop new skills? Are you thinking of going back to school to increase your salary and prestige? Education is one of the best investments you can make in your career. But what if I don’t have time to go to class? Can I become a teacher with an online degree?  

Online studies are ideal for working adults. There are no commuting, moving and you don’t have to quit your job. You will learn whenever you need it. Are you an early riser Log in when the house is quiet and everyone is still asleep. More nocturnal owl? You can study at night when the children went to sleep. No form of study is as flexible as online study.

By studying online, you will get a bachelor’s degree, just like in the traditional version of the program, attending offline classes. A diploma requires the same class and the same number of hours.

Rules of studying via the Internet 

Studying via the Internet is based on the use of modern devices – computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets – and the network. Classes usually take place through a specially prepared e-learning platform that allows you to study online. This is where the materials are posted, including presentations and fragments of articles that students should read. Can you complete all levels of study in this way? Yes. First degree studies appear in the offer of Polish universities. 

The average teacher is responsible for:

  • Developing lesson plans and instructional materials
  • Instructing students on how to become good citizens and students
  • Evaluation of student social and academic growth

There are three main steps to becoming a teacher:

  1. Choose a specialty;
  2. Meet the educational requirements of your state (at least a bachelor’s degree);
  3. Meet the license requirements of your state.
Can I become a teacher with an online degree?

Whether it is delivered online or on campus, a traditional teacher preparation program or an alternative certification program, it is extremely important to confirm: 

  • It has regional accreditation
  • It is approved by the state
  • The most well known accreditation body for teacher training programs in the United States is the Teacher Preparation Accreditation Council (CAEP).

Note: Most of the following state-recognized online curricula qualify graduates to apply for a license in the country where the school is located. However, some of them may also qualify for reciprocity in teaching in their home country. Check the licensing requirements in the education section to see if any of them meet their criteria. 

While the alternative teacher certification program will introduce you to the class as a working teacher faster (in some cases throughout the year), online options are less popular, with a few notable exceptions, including iTeach, Teachers of Tomorrow, TeacherReady and Teach-Now. 

Why this is Well, alternative online teaching certificates usually also require you to do a teaching practice at your local school in the country where you want to teach, and you may need to organize them yourself. 

Before you decide on an alternative online certification program, you must ensure that you can arrange for student learning to take place nearby – or be able to temporarily move during the course.



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