Lack of insurance can cause problems. Especially when drivers do not have to take policies with them. After all, nothing nice about it, when during road control an officer discovers that the driver is driving a car without valid insurance. Therefore, often the driver even before buying a car are already thinking about buying insurance? Can you get car insurance before you buy a car?

Car insurance can and must be bought before buying a car. If this is your first car and you do not have car insurance yet, you will need it before you leave the new car from the parking lot. Also, if you finance a vehicle, the lender will most likely require you to have insurance at the time of purchase.

If you already have car insurance and are replacing your car, you usually have 7 to 30 days to notify the insurance company of your purchase. However, some policies do not extend your coverage at all, you must call immediately to add a new vehicle to the policy.

What do you need to do to buy insurance before buying?

Get to know the VIN, mileage, brand, model and finish before calling insurance companies.

If you are buying car insurance before buying it, make sure it is the right car for your needs. Buying car insurance in front of the vehicle itself can carry some risk. If the sale ends, cancellation fees may apply to pay for the newly acquired insurance policy. 

  1. Specify the car you want to buy. Purchase of a car insurance policy requires detailed information about one vehicle.
  2. Make a contract to buy a car. It is best to talk with the seller or sales representative orally and in writing to confirm that you want to buy the car.

Conclusion of a sales contract before purchasing an insurance policy is not mandatory. However, it can very well save time and frustration if agreement is reached in advance. 

Can you get car insurance before you buy a car?
  1. Get vehicle information to buy insurance. You will need specific vehicle information to buy car insurance, which you should get now.

You can usually check your car insurance rates when you are in the salon. If you plan to do this, it is a good idea to give yourself time to browse the cars, as well as any insurance rates. The representative office should allow you access to the Internet so that you can buy offers and secure a policy online to get a car.

Why is insurance important?

The policy primarily protects you – as the driver of the vehicle – against claims from any victims in a situation where the consequence is damage to health or loss of health, injury, death, damage or loss of property. This situation does not have to take place in road traffic, but also e.g. when parking (or even parking), getting on / off the vehicle, or loading / unloading it. The policy also protects your passengers, even if you are guilty of harm.

The insurance will cover the cost of damage as part of the treatment / rehabilitation of the injured person and as part of the repair of damaged property (car, home, fence, etc.).

Remember: to cover your own damages, protect your property, insurance, often additional insurance is needed.



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